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Players can build their own home in Balrum. In fact, in chapter 1 the player character will be asked by his/her grandfather to build a new home for the two of them because something terrible happened to their old home and it became uninhabitable. In the following chapters the PC will leave that home and be able to choose to build a home for themself that is theirs only, or not, and live a true adventurer life. There are benefits of building a house:

  • NPCs can visit players at home and sometimes offer quests or leave notes!
  • If the player sleeps at home, they will get buffs that boost their abilities for a certain amount of time.
  • A farm will be close to each player's house so essentially the house can act as storage space for equipment and their farm!
  • Building crafting “tables” in (or near) a home will allow players to craft anything at home!

Houses will be upgradable with new furniture or maybe a nice trophy or hide that fits in the home nicely, and the option to redesign a house will be available at any time.

There will be NPCs around the world who can teach the player how to make weapons, or how to brew all kinds of potions, but players can also make their own custom items. The player will be able to choose the materials they would like to use and the item type, after that the game interface will reveal how long it will take to create the item and its statistics. The player will also be able to choose the icon for the new item, if the new item meets the threshold level of quality.