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The skill books are added as a combination of the skill and map quadrant location they are found in. For now, please refer to this steam forums thread and this BalconyTeam forum thread for specific locations and further findings.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

  • Alchemy 1 - NW quadrant, just south of the ruin you discovered with Dudley
  • Alchemy 2 - NW quadrant, on the first floor of the necromancer tower in the room with the stairs to the second floor
  • Arcane Arts 2 - NW quadrant, guarded by a lvl 4 Black Bear in a clearing in the SW corner of the quadrant
  • Swordplay 2 - SE quadrant, on a bookshelf inside Clay's house - door is locked and requires picking and taking it makes Clay hostile. Forget crime spell works.
  • Learning Point 1x - Random drop and gained from killing animal bosses

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

  • Carpentry 2 - SE, it's about halfway between Jack and the teleporter but closer to the teleporter, inside a tree log
  • Farming 2 - SW, about halfway between the mage guild and Lew. Broken Barrel
  • Mining/Smelting 2 - NE, on NW of map to east of guard tower. tree log