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Some of this data appears to be out of date

Spiders are a farmable animal on Balrum, requiring level 2 in the skill. Just like any other farm animal, spiders require sustenance, so a trough must be built, requiring 7 Oak and 5 Bug Fat to craft. One spider of each gender is required (this is determined by the color of their feet). Note: Seven Legged Spiders are currently bugged, and won't be able to be mated nor will they feed from the trough, resulting in starvation soon after domestication. Spiders requires Spider Feed to be crafted (100g recipe page purchasable in general store), requiring 3 apples and 7 bees for every batch of Spider Feed, after which the spiders become fertile after consumption, allowing them to produce more spiders for your farm.

Spiders as pets: after one of your farm spiders has mated it is domesticated enough to be your animal companion, acting as your pet, except the spider gains immunity to poisons and leaf damage. Note: Only one spider is allowed to be kept as an animal companion, except for Seven Legged Spiders, which can be of infinite quantity. It is unknown whether or not this is a feature.

Unlike other pets in Balrum, Spiders are able to be equipped with armour that has a rare chance to drop from hostile Spider mobs although generally offers little to no improvement, except for visual purposes. (Editors Note: Currently only a headpiece and boots are available and it is unknown if more will be added any time soon.

Spider Farming Information: Spiders are farmable for several items, making them viable for obtaining resources for the player-character. You can farm Spider Hide (Which can then be turned into Spider Leather), Spider Eggs and lastly. Spider Milk.

Potential bugs: Clicking on the Spider multiple times may cause the spiders head to grow in size, potentially interfering with the users screen.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Emerald Forest Spider[edit | edit source]

Attributes and Abilities:

  • Immune to Poison

Forest Spider[edit | edit source]

Attributes and abilities:

  • Immune to Poison
  • Stealth
  • Vanish - can Stealth during combat
  • Web - target cannot move

Sapphire Forest Spider[edit | edit source]

Attributes and abilities:

  • Immune to Frost
  • Stealth
  • Teleport - can port to player
  • Freeze - can root player